Viprenting Extended Stay Guarantee

What is our guarantee of extended stay?
In the event of outbreaks of COVID19 arising either in the Canary Islands or in the country of origin of our guest, Viprenting undertakes to allow, as far as possible (subject to availability), the prolongation of the stay at a very advantageous price. We undertake to allow the extension of the stay with a minimum discount of 20% extendable up to a maximum of 40% depending on the circumstances (negotiable).

If the house in which the guest wishes to extend his stay must be occupied by other guests, Viprenting is committed to rehousing the guest in another house of the group that is available for those dates, keeping the minimum discount of 20%.

When can you use this warranty?

If there is a flare-up in La Palma
If there’s a flare-up in my place of origin.
If there is a resurgence in any of the places to which it had to travel when leaving the island of La Palma.

What if the house has been reserved by other guests?

Viprenting will look for another home available in our website. If all the houses are occupied, viprenting will do its best to find another accommodation as close as possible.

How much will it cost me to extend my stay?

On the usual price of the house in which you are staying we will apply a minimum of 20% discount, which can be extended up to 40% if the situation involves closing of the airspace or other drastic measures by the government (percentages above 20% are negotiable depending on the circumstances).

If the house is previously reserved by other guests, Viprenting will look for another accommodation and keep the minimum discount of 20% on the price of the new accommodation.