Transvulcania 2018

 Villa La Malvasía and Casa La Gorona received this year some Transvulcania runners.

Transvulcania is a perfect sport event for families. Four different distances,  and the Transvulcania Kids give possibilities of participation for different members of the family, according to the preferences of each one.

In  Villa La Malvasía, Alba came with her wonderful family to enjoy some days of relaxing vineyards sightseeing contrasting with the hight mountains views during the race, following Carlos Antonio in his Ultramarathon trail along the island. Congratulations! you got it, you are a FINISHER!

In Casa La Gorona they decided to participate in shorter distance (not really short, but shorter). While the siblings Fayna and Aida ran half Marathon, Rubén went to Marathon finishing in Tazacorte.

All of them got it. Now they are FINISHERS. Congratulations!

See you on Transvulcania 2019

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