Running La Palma west forest in April

Laderas del Oeste de La Palma en plena foración.

La Palma has been known as “La Isla Bonita” (The beautiful Island). But what we can see these days on west side mountains is really amazing. A good probe that who is beautiful can have always a better day and get up in the morning with a special beauty.

The reason for this exceptional views is that in this season corazoncillo  (Lotus campylocladus ssp. hillebrandii) is on flower. Millions of yellow flowers cover every single hill, mound or ravine.

I show you some pictures so you could start thinking about how those mountains look like now. But of course, pictures are not good enough. You have to go there and see it by your own.

I like mountain running, so I will tell you how to get there this way. You could also do a similar tour by all terrain car or with a mountain bike riding by the road. You will see also very interesting views.

You can start in Los  Canarios (Fuencaliente) by path GR 131. This is the same path used by Transvulcania and Ruta de Los Volcanes. You can also go by car one kilometer up the hill so you avoid the first hard steep slopes.

After 3 km you will find a cross with the signal “Fuente del Tión”, take this one, so you leave GR 131 behind you, and start walking West. After 2 km, you will get to “Fuente del Tión” (water available here). Keep on the same path West direction till you get to a road, then take the road and keep on it during 7 kilometers, you will get to “Hoyo de la Cima”. This is a big hole on the ground (around 60 m deep).

On the left side of road there is a path which goes downhill to Jedey. Two days ago it was closed, so you can go a bit further by the road (400 meters) and take left in the first cross.

All the way is really amazing, but the first kilometer of this path is just surprising. Specially because if you keep your attention on the right, you will se the only one Corazoncillo ever seen before with white flowers.

After 5 km downhill you are in Jedey. Back to civilization. You can choose to take the bus back to Fuencaliente, call a taxi or, if you are still fit, take the path GR 130 and run during another 12 km back to Fuencaliente.

Whatever you may choose, nothing better than finissh day enjoying the sunset from Villa La Malvasía. Breathing the most pure of relaxing holidays in a Country House full of quietness surrounded by vineyards who are already promising the harvest of a very good wine. Continue reading “Running La Palma west forest in April”