Cleaning protocol

The selection of the houses that appear in Viprenting has been done very meticulously. Cleaning and disinfection have always been central elements for us. But with the appearance and spread of the pandemic caused by the SARS-Cov-2 coronavirus (COVID-19), cleaning and, above all, disinfection take on a greater weight than they already had. The health of our guests, owners and cleaning staff require extra effort in this regard. This is why we are launching a new cleaning and disinfection protocol and we offer our guests the guarantee of a longer stay at Viprenting.

How have we prepared for the reopening?
Since the time when the Canary Islands were closed to tourism by the COVID-19, we have not stopped working to prepare the moment in which we could reopen our houses to receive them. All the owners of our establishments have taken advantage of this break to make improvements and also to modify the cleaning protocols.
Although the worst of the pandemic seems to be over, we cannot relax or forget warnings of possible future outbreaks. The proposal we are proposing goes in two directions, on the one hand the prevention of contagion (with the implementation of our new cleaning protocol), and on the other hand having our actions prepared in the event of a resurgence in the coming months, especially through the implementation of the viprenting stay extension guarantee.

What is our cleaning protocol?
Our cleaning protocol has been elaborated after consultation with the tourist and sanitary authorities of the Island Council of La Palma and the Government of the Canary Islands as well as the advice of the company specialized in disinfection services APINSA.
For our protocol to be more effective, we need everyone involved to know about it and to take responsibility for it: owners, cleaning staff and guests.
We have always bet and have given vital importance to cleanliness and hygiene so that the owners and/or cleaning staff will strictly comply with the following points:
We wash our hands before and after at least 20 seconds with soap.
* Our cleaning staff will wear gloves and mask.
* We ventilate the house for a minimum of 30 minutes, and ventilation will be maintained throughout the cleaning and disinfection process.
* We remove sheets and towels and let the house air again.

* First, we disinfect with a disinfectant product (approved by the Ministry of Environment) virucid, bactericidal and fungicide, we use it at all critical points as switches, door handles, taps, washbasins, remote controls, etc. and let it act minimum 5 minutes.
* For later, carry out a thorough cleaning of the whole house with emphasis on bathroom and kitchen areas.
* Sheets, towels, welcome products for new guests are introduced into the house after full cleaning and placed in sheltered closets in plastic bags.
* Sofas, pillows and mattresses shall be sucked with special care and disinfected by heat.
*There shall also be disinfection and cleaning of baskets, dustbins and laundry.
*We will place hydro-alcoholic disinfectant gels on the front doors of the house.

What we ask of our guests.
* Guests are asked to leave the house by airing.
* Guests are requested to report any anomalies to be considered or assessed prior to the arrival of the following customers and to report whether they have had any symptoms compatible with COVID-19. If this happens, the specialized company APINSA will be contacted for deep disinfection of the facility by vaporization.
In this way, we ensure that there is no possibility of infection between the entry of one guest and the other.